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#1 2020-07-04 13:49:01

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[textpacks] Translating languages strings for Textpattern 4.8.2

We are close to releasing Textpattern 4.8.2 and it would be wonderful to get as many new translated text strings in as possible – your help is greatly appreciated. See the Crowdin page for a list of the languages and the current amount each has been completed so far.

Note that the top priories are ‘Textpack’ and ‘Textpack for installation process’, secondary priorities are ‘Pophelp’ (although I appreciate Pophelp translation is a large task, so no pressure). The ‘Default content at install’ section of translations is for future development work, so the 4 items within that group are not a priority at this time (they aren’t used in Textpattern 4.8).

Crowdin page

Instructions on how to help

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