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Forum rules

You must agree to the following in order to register

You must provide a real email address, or you will not be able to successfully register and participate in the forum. Your email address is only used to help us prevent spam from flooding the forum, and to allow you to make use of forum features (such as topic subscription). It is never shared or sold to third parties, nor will you be subscribed to any kind of mailing lists. You may allow or disallow other forum members from seeing your email address; guests cannot view any of your profile information.

Once registered you must then log in to the forum within 24 hours to verify your account, otherwise the account will be deemed inactive and subsequently deleted.
Note that we also delete all forum members with no posts within a month of registration.

All registrations are monitored by real people, and we take various proactive measures against spam. If spam or trolling is your intention, we suggest you spare your energy!

Most of the email addresses we ban are those that have been used to abuse the forum. Some email domains, however, are banned only because those mail providers refuse to accept the registration email the forum software sends (which is required, as mentioned above),and bounce the email back to us. While we make all possible efforts on our part to reduce the risk of undeliverable mail, it is recommended that you check to see if your email address domain is one of those known to be affected (if so, you will need to provide an alternate email address).

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