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#1 2019-05-25 18:17:25

From: India
Registered: 2013-03-19
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Saving article 404 error appear !

The article when it has style option on the body like <p style="color:#333;">text</p> on saving, error 404 appear !
if i remove style <p>text</p>, it will save without problem
Note: I’ve Textpattern CMS 4.5.7 and I changed php version to 5.4 , 5.5, 5.6 as well, but still having problem.

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#2 2019-05-25 21:19:24

From: Leeds, UK
Registered: 2006-01-29
Posts: 9,989

Re: Saving article 404 error appear !

This is usually to do with your host’s anti-spam filters being too sensitive and triggering when certain conditions are met in the POSTed payload. See this post for an example of how to detect what might be happening and this 403 issue might also be related.

The usual resolution is to email your host, tell them what’s going on and ask if they can tweak their rules. Worst case, just shut the filters off if you can.

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#3 2019-05-25 21:22:38

From: Germany
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Re: Saving article 404 error appear !

Someone else reported something similar a long time ago and got around it by using single quotes instead of double quotes, e.g. <p style='color:#333;'>text</p>.

Aside from that, if you are able, upgrade to a more recent version of typ.

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