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#13 2022-11-18 08:59:10

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Re: etc_post: post anything from the public side

Bloke wrote #330395:

Could the plugin support (hook into?) the Import/TxpXML so we could also import XML files from other CMSs via your plugin?

Or how about CSV somehow one day? Y’know, for completeness ;)

Actually, this should be already doable via etc_post/etc_query (or smd_xml) combo:

<txp:etc_post user="guest" event="article" step="save">
<txp:etc_query url="your_xml_file_url" markup="xml">

Theoretically, one can import any etc_query-readable data (HTML, XML, JSON, CSV, INI, DB, lists, etc) this way and map it to txp fields.


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