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#1 2021-03-09 14:39:04

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Regenerative Food Production

And now for something completely different. But it’s perhaps more relevant to developers, designers and anyone working in the technology sector than any other because my impression is that you folk (perhaps not you folk on this forum) eat loads of junk food and together with all that sitting at a monitor or with head at an angle looking at a phone all day, you really need to look after yourselves better physically.

Dr Mercola, my favourite doctor who annoys Big Pharma and Big Agriculture so much that Big Tech and Big Social Media have restricted his web presence dramatically and say he’s a danger to the public, is posting articles about regenerative agriculture for a week, starting today with this one which has an excellent 3-minute introductory video and then a detailed overview of the problem and the solution. “It’s time to inspire and mobilize a mighty global army of Regenerators, before it’s too late” he says, so if you agree (and I know most of you on this conscious forum will) please watch, read and spread the word.

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