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#1 2021-02-17 12:54:42

From: Leeds, UK
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Tags refresh/update

Further to Pete’s post about refreshing the docs using our collective knowledge.

I’ve made a start over the last few weeks. Nearly up-to-date with the schedule but could do with some more eyes on what I’ve done and, primarily, to ask if anyone has any cool real-world examples that should be included in the tag docs. You know, those little nuggets of tag excellence that Oleg has posted or you’ve bookmarked or where you’ve squirreled away some awesome tag-fu that you use over and over, and would be of benefit to the community.

That’s the sort of stuff we need to make the tag docs really useful, as well as anyone checking to see if the documentation is clear, understandable, and reflects the current functionality.

The story so far if you wish to check what I’ve done and add any examples is here:

I jumped ahead and did the link_to_* tags too, since they were related to the newer/older and needed updating anyway. But I’ve no idea what item is, so if anyone’s used it or knows what it does, please holler!

If you have anything to add, please submit your examples/changes via GitHub PR or simply post your tag example code or link to a delicious forum topic about any of the above tags and I’ll add it.

Thanks in advance for any tag examples or checking the docs for clarity and suggestions.

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#2 2021-02-17 15:01:34

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Re: Tags refresh/update

Nice one, Stef – thank you. I haven’t forgotten about this, got a lot I’m juggling at the moment so I appreciate your efforts!


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