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#1 2020-06-17 01:49:25

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MS Edge browser conundrum

Which version of MS Edge should/could still be supported? All versions have a fairly low usage (caniuse says ~ 2% for versions 16-18 + 81 – globally1, no better breakdown). V16 was released October 2017.

On the plus side, Version 16+ sees the support for CSS Grid and CSS custom properties. On the minus side, no support for HTML <details /> element. JS support in v16-18 is showing its age I am told. That last point is not really a problem for me.

One good thing about Edge-v16-v18 is support for the Windows OS high contrast themes, something that is by default not (yet) supported by Chromium based Edge2. That may matter3. Accessibility wise, I remember reading earlier this year about one survey where users who depend on Accessibility tools (screen readers) preferred to use the still-available IE 11 by quite some margin.

1 as always, take with the necessary pinches of salt. Japan for example sees a 3.1% usage.

2 with new, standardised properties/values and media queries (forced-colors, see here and here.

3 For Textpattern admin for example, if TXP is deployed for a small/bigger organisation, and one of the admin users relies & depends on High Contrast themes.


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