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#11 2020-02-25 18:30:47

From: Vilnius, Lithuania
Registered: 2009-06-14
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Re: figcaption - searchable by default

This code seems to work for me so far — is it valid?

 	<figure<if::yield name="class"> class="<txp:yield name='class' />"</if::yield>>
<txp:image yield="id, class" />
<figcaption><txp:yield escape="tidy,textile" /></figcaption>
		<txp:else />
<txp:image_info yield="id" escape="tidy,textile" wraptag="figcaption" />

Edited: tidy breaks Textile URL quoting.
Edit 2: replaced ‹figcaption› by the same more robust wraptag.
Edit 3: pardon, tidy is innocent, it was my fault — the space is necessary after URL.

Last edited by Vienuolis (2020-02-27 21:06:34)


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