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#51 2020-01-22 14:31:36

Core designer
From: Haslemere, Surrey, UK
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Re: Feedback to: Textpattern CMS 4.8.0-beta released

singaz wrote #321261:

Destry wrote #320972:

Textpattern version: 4.8.0-dev (dcd59be21b9174ec8102af20cf7a11da)...

What is 4.8.0-dev?

Where is the download link?

Latest dev versions are always available from github.com/textpattern/textpattern – just click on the green ‘Clone or download’ button and then download a zip. Note that dev versions are not really suitable for production as they are constantly changing/evolving.


#52 2020-01-22 15:24:49

From: Kyiv
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Re: Feedback to: Textpattern CMS 4.8.0-beta released

Understood, thank you!

Sorry my horror English. I’m learning textpattern, I’m learning English


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