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#13 2019-06-08 17:50:00

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Re: Textpattern mention in the Goolge AMP project website

Saldacenkaw wrote #318409:

Thank you! It will work when I have only one article image via txp:article_image (am I right?) but what if I would add images in a text directly?

Hi Saldacenkaw,
I think that the code as is, does not check for an article image… but I might be missing something after a long day’s work. You can use it in the article by typing the <txp::media_image id="41, 42, 50" /> tag as described in the last link Phil posted.

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#14 2019-06-09 15:59:55

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Re: Textpattern mention in the Goolge AMP project website

I’ve seen posts on textpattern.com and it works correctly, I should figure it out. Thank you, guys!

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