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#191 2018-11-13 14:02:57

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Re: adi_matrix – Multi-article update tabs

I don’t see any INSERT or UPDATE statements in that trace. Is it definitely the result of you clicking Save?

And yes, you don’t need to fill in everything. Only the fields and parameters you want to see in your matrix. The only required field is matrix name.

This smacks of “expecting a string but got a number” which may indeed be to do with your Issue custom field being misinterpreted. A tag trace with the offending database write operation in it will hopefully narrow down which field is borking things.

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#192 2018-11-13 14:40:51

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Re: adi_matrix – Multi-article update tabs

What happens if you add a publisher in the privileges field of the matrix?

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#193 2018-11-13 21:42:26

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Re: adi_matrix – Multi-article update tabs

Thanks everyone for chipping in on this one. Must confess I’m at a bit of a loss. Can’t reproduce the problem myself.

The ‘criteria_status’ column is/should be type INT, length 2, default 4. If you leave Status blank in the matrix settings, the value set in the table is/should be 0 – i.e. any article status.

Might be worth having a look at the adi_matrix table to check that the ‘criteria_status’ column is set up correctly.


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