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#1 2011-04-15 05:49:33

Plugin Author
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adi_matrix – Multi-article update tabs


adi_matrix provides a way of viewing and updating multiple articles from a single TXP admin tab.

Matrixes give you a summary view of multiple articles, where you can make changes to selected data fields & update them all in one go.

See the help supplied with the plugin, or have a look online. Download the latest version from here.

adi_matrix admin tab

This is where you set up the article matrixes. There are three aspects to this:

  1. Matrix appearance
    • give the matrix a name (used to list it under the Contents tab)
    • specify the order in which articles should be listed
    • specify whether a single user or all users are to get access to the matrix
    • specify whether access to the matrix is based on privileges or not
    • matrix tab style
  2. Article selection criteria
    • by default all articles will be listed in the matrix, but you can narrow it down according to:
      • section
      • category
      • article status
      • author
      • keywords
      • posted & expires timestamps
  3. Article data display
    • where you define what data the user can see and change:
      • article status
      • custom fields
      • article image
      • keywords
      • categories
      • posted & expires timestamps

Article matrix tabs

The matrix tabs under Contents show a number of articles, with their “data”. If you are the article author or have sufficient overriding privileges then you can make changes to the data & update all articles with a single click.

Note that only articles where you have actually changed anything will be updated in the database – along with their Last Modified Date and Author.

adi_matrix respects all the standard restrictions on who can make changes to articles – based on authorship & privilege level.

Practical examples

On a real estate website, where each block of land is an article with custom fields detailing size, price & availability. When things change – land is sold, prices changed – updates are easy. Everything is in the one place:


An interesting side effect is that if you define a matrix without any data fields, you end up with a simple tab listing links to a number of articles. For example, all the Sticky articles:



There is a mechanism to install a Textpack in the adi_matrix options page under the Plugins tab.

Currently the Textpack contains:

  • French (thanks Pat64 & CeBe)
  • Swedish (thanks Mats)
  • Russian (thanks the_ghost)
  • Spanish (thanks Jorge & gfdesign)
  • Italian (thanks Zanza)
  • German (thanks jay rope)
  • Japanese (thanks HJ)

Corrections or additional language translations are most welcome and can be submitted here.


Textpattern 4.5.0 or later.

Bug & Limitations

  • adi_matrix updates articles, so if you are cautious – take a backup of your database before playing.
  • the Suhosin PHP extension can prevent adi_matrix from updating articles
  • input field tooltips won’t work with glz_custom_fields
  • the descendent categories option is disabled when category wildcards are used
  • don’t pick a Matrix name that clashes with an existing tab name – e.g. a matrix called “Articles” placed in Content will give you errors

Version history

  • 2.0
    • enhancement: publish & delete articles (for mrdale)
    • enhancement: extra article data options: title, section
    • enhancement: show sections
    • enhancement: added section & author to article title tooltip
    • enhancement: matrix under Content or Home tab
    • enhancement: improved validation error messages
    • enhancement: custom WHERE clause conditions
    • enhancement: article list paging
    • requires TXP 4.5+
    • tested on TXP 4.6
    • fix: matrix privileges
    • improved validation message (URL-only titles)
    • article edit link styling
  • 1.2
    • TXP 4.5-ified
    • French colon-isation
    • lifecycle “upgrade” pseudo-event
  • 1.1
    • code tidy up (thanks gocom)
    • enhancement: matrix tab optional footer
    • enhancement: matrix tab column sorting
    • enhancement: “Any parent” & “Any child” category wildcards
    • enhancement: posted timestamp (& reset)
    • enhancement: expires timestamp
    • enhancement: multi-section select (for maniqui & mrdale)
    • enhancement: input field tooltips (for masa)
    • for mrdale:
      • <body class=“adi_matrix”> on all matrix tabs
      • another attempt at horizontal scrolling, this time with a fixed article title column
      • more sorting options
      • TinyMCE support for glz_custom_field textareas
      • option to include descendent categories
    • fixed: checkboxes again! (thanks redbot)
    • changed: “Nothing to do” message changed to “No articles modified”
    • changed: admin tab name/title to “Article Matrix”/“Article Matrix Admin”
  • 1.0.1 (not officially released)
    • fixed: completely unticked checkboxes not updated (thanks redbot)
    • fixed: detect glz_custom_fields in plugin cache (thanks gocom)
  • 1.0
    • enhancement: glz_custom_fields compatibility
    • enhancement: force numeric sort (for jpdupont)
    • enhancement: sort by Expires timestamp
    • enhancement: article catagories (for maniqui)
    • enhancement: option to switch on horizontal scroll (for mrdale)
    • fixed: MySQL 4.1 compatibility (thanks colak)
    • fixed: error if custom field contains single quote (thanks maniqui)
    • fixed: superfluous “Logged in user” wildcard option in matrix appearance
    • now uses lifecycle events
  • 0.3
    • enhancement: “One category”, “Two categories” wildcards
    • enhancement: timestamp (for CeBe)
    • enhancement: expiry (for CeBe)
    • enhancement: future/expired articles highlighted & preference (for CeBe)
    • enhancement: article title tooltip, & preference
    • admin: install/uninstall/textpack moved to plugin options
  • 0.2
    • fixed: missing child categories (thanks Zanza)
    • enhancement: “No category”, “Any category” wildcards
    • enhancement: “Logged in user” wildcard
    • enhancement: article image field (for Zanza)
    • enhancement: article limit preference (for milosevic)
  • 0.1
    • initial release


Comments are most welcome.


Thanks go to mrdale who was very kind in sending me some beer vouchers for version 1.1.

Spread the love

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#2 2011-04-15 06:35:54

Plugin Author
From: France
Registered: 2005-12-12
Posts: 1,256

Re: adi_matrix – Multi-article update tabs

Hi Adi.

Here is a better french textpack translation:

# Textpack for adi_plugins (www.greatoceanmedia.com.au/txp)
# - English language strings bundled with plugin, all others in this textpack
# - please submit corrections/additions at www.greatoceanmedia.com.au/textpack, thanks
#@language fr-fr
adi_article_data => Données de l'article
adi_article_selection => Choix de l'article
adi_article_update_fail => La mise à jour de l'article a échoué
adi_articles_saved => Article sauvegardé
adi_display_article_id => Afficher l'article ID#
adi_install_fail => Impossible d'installer
adi_installed => Installé
adi_matrix => Matrice
adi_matrix_name => Nom de la matrice
adi_matrix_delete_fail => La suppression de la matrice a échoué
adi_matrix_deleted => Matrice supprimée
adi_matrix_update_fail => La mise à jour des paramètres de la matrice a échoué
adi_matrix_updated => Les paramètres de la matrice ont été mis à jour
adi_not_installed => Non installé
adi_nothing_to_do => Rien à faire
adi_pref_update_fail => La mise à jour des préférences a échoué
adi_textpack_fail => L'installation du fichier Textpack a échoué
adi_textpack_online => Textpack est également disponible en ligne
adi_uninstall => Désinstaller
adi_uninstall_fail => Impossible de désinstaller
adi_uninstalled => Désinstallé
adi_update_matrix => Mettre à jour les paramètres de la matrice
adi_update_prefs => Mettre à jour les préférences
adi_user => Utilisateur

This one is newer than my feedback message send from your site. Please consider that as a final translation. Tks.



#3 2011-04-15 06:40:32

Plugin Author
Registered: 2008-06-01
Posts: 1,225

Re: adi_matrix – Multi-article update tabs

Pat64 wrote:

Here is a better french textpack translation:

Thanks Patrick, much obliged. Just do an “Install Textpack” again.

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#4 2011-04-15 07:19:06

Plugin Author
From: France
Registered: 2005-12-12
Posts: 1,256

Re: adi_matrix – Multi-article update tabs

gomedia wrote:

Thanks Patrick, much obliged. (…)

My pleasure. Thanks Wet for this very great textpack feature.


#5 2011-04-15 08:24:36

Plugin Author
From: Minsk, The Republic of Belarus
Registered: 2007-07-26
Posts: 907

Re: adi_matrix – Multi-article update tabs

Sent russian textpack. Useful plugin!

Providing help in hacking ATM! Come to courses and don’t forget to bring us notebook and hammer! What for notebook? What a kind of hacker you are without notebok?


#6 2011-04-15 08:44:08

From: Bristol, UK
Registered: 2005-09-22
Posts: 491

Re: adi_matrix – Multi-article update tabs

Liking the sound of this a lot.


#7 2011-04-15 08:58:25

Plugin Author
Registered: 2006-02-14
Posts: 1,410

Re: adi_matrix – Multi-article update tabs

This looks very usefuful. Thanks Adi!


#8 2011-04-15 10:05:58

Plugin Author
Registered: 2008-06-01
Posts: 1,225

Re: adi_matrix – Multi-article update tabs

the_ghost wrote:

Sent russian textpack. Useful plugin!

Thanks, hope so.

pieman: wrote:

Liking the sound of this a lot.

Works for me!

redbot wrote:

This looks very usefuful. Thanks Adi!

My pleasure.

And thanks to Mats for a Swedish translation.

… click the “Install Textpack” link in adi_matrix admin to download the new lingo.


#9 2011-04-15 13:02:39

From: Cologne
Registered: 2006-08-15
Posts: 4,195

Re: adi_matrix – Multi-article update tabs

Adi, you made me laugh just out of joy! I’ve dreamt of such a thing for ages. Thanks just for this laugh! :)

In bad weather I never leave home without wet_plugout, smd_where_used and adi_form_links


#10 2011-04-15 13:36:49

From: Gainesville, Florida
Registered: 2005-03-02
Posts: 786

Re: adi_matrix – Multi-article update tabs

What an amazing idea. I have a site that has 450+ articles — each with a variety of custom fields. They don’t need updated all that often (once a year), but man will this ever same some time when they do. Thanks Adi.


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