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#11 2010-11-07 18:43:05

Chris nsp
New Member
Registered: 2010-11-07
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Re: Bueno

I am having a little bit of a problem figuring out what I did incorrectly and I thought I was able to upload and follow set-up instructions into my website www.finedrafts.com The date on the left hand side is not showing up, the links on the upper-right hand are not underlined once I hover the mouse and the background appears to be just blank.

Would someone be so kind to guide me fix the issues I am having? I really like the theme.


#12 2010-11-07 18:52:22

Archived Plugin Author
From: Exmouth, England
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Re: Bueno

Hi Chris. Would you like to send me a login to stuart(at)thebombsite(dot)com please. I’m just about to go and eat so I shall get onto it in about an hour if that is OK. Make sure I’m set up as a “publisher”.


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