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#37 2007-04-22 05:45:07

Developer Emeritus
From: Melbourne, Australia
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Re: comments on Reader poll: Textpattern Membership

The dev team has Trac, but for some unknown reason doesn’t like it at all.

It doesn’t work on a public web site. SQLite simply cannot handle concurrent access. Anything that requires a write, like posting or editing, takes several minutes or more, or just times out.

I don’t know about other bugtrackers (like Flyspray, just to quote one of the many) and why the dev team doesn’t like them.

We haven’t yet found one that works reliably and does what we need (mainly, allow public viewing but limited posting). Flyspray is the closest, but it’s unstable and buggy and difficult to manage.

Maybe it would make their life miserable or something. I know there was some move on this like a year or two ago, but it has all fallen flat (and not by the user fault, “for once” it seems). Again, old topic, hundreds of time asked, never quite answered.

We’ve put a lot of effort into trying to build a usable bug tracking system. Many, many hours in fact, and cash from my own pocket.

Trac looks great, but it’s unusable as noted above, and easily spammed. I believe I’ve posted about its problems on the forum, several times.

We tried Basecamp for a while. It’s expensive, no public access, and it doesn’t support basic bug tracking operations like assigning tasks.

Fogbugz was awkward, expensive, and didn’t allow public access (we’d have to pay per user). We used it for a while internally, until a server crash lost all our data.

Mantis works reliably, but it doesn’t allow public access.

Flyspray allows public access, but again it’s buggy and unstable.

Show us something that works.

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#38 2007-04-22 06:19:48

From: Provence, France
Registered: 2004-08-11
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Re: comments on Reader poll: Textpattern Membership

At least one good thing came up from this forum thread, we know you’re looking for one.


#39 2007-04-23 02:24:15

Sock Enthusiast
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Re: comments on Reader poll: Textpattern Membership

Here’s an idea: answer the question asked, or don’t. If we wanted to be insulted, accused and belittled we’d ask.


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