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#11 2020-07-31 10:54:29

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Re: Proximo Clean Theme

bici wrote #325013:

Thanks Hilary. I have just download the zip file and will test it out after I return from from camping … right now busy preparing for getaway.

2 questions:

1) Is this a theme that gets installed into the Themes Folder or is it a stand alone Template to replace the default install? I will say that i am not a fan of using the Theme folder options. I have found that problematic. I prefer to use a template and replace the default install. just my own quirky way.

2) I see many instances of the use of “Hero” image. Why is it a Hero image?

Again thanks and looking forward to giving it a go.

One comment. Should Wave and Proximo be better showcased in our Showcase Website ??

I think Stef got your first question thanks Stef!

The hero image is just that large area at the top of the page, on the home page it takes the full height and then lesser height on all other pages, the first image you upload to Texpattern if it’s a fresh install will display there, or if you click into the forms tab in Txp backend, you’ll see under ‘section’ hero_article and hero_article_short, where on the first line you can see the image id and you can edit it with your own image id there.

What’s handy with this is that it’s a real img output on the page rather than a background image in css, so Google/Search engines can index that image as part of the overall page content.

I <3 txp


#12 2020-08-01 09:58:18

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Re: Proximo Clean Theme

Like others, it threw me at first, but when I assigned the articles section to use default page, articles all showed up. Another question: how is the Contact button supposed to work?

It’s a lovely clean theme, Hilary, with plenty of white space, and it’s a theme whereas my wave theme is more like a ready-made website and my slave theme requires quite a bit of preparation on the admin side before importing it. Great stuff!

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#13 2020-08-03 02:49:31

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Re: Proximo Clean Theme

hilaryaq wrote #325009:

Get in touch with any feedback! :)

there is a photo gallery link that goes nowhere? how does one use it?

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