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#31 2005-11-08 13:29:45

From: Arlington, VA
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Re: Textpattern and usability : how can we improve ?

tinyMCE has a setup that let’s it spit back BBcode. I wonder if something like that could be tweaked to generate Textile.

Also tinyMCE and FCKeditor seems to work equally well on all browesers except for Safari and Opera, but both are making movements towards safari (Midas like support was only added in the last version of Safari) so no need for a windows computer to support it. Also at least with tinyMCE you can restrict it to only spit back only tags and attributes you want to allow.

I would love to do a Quicktags + live preview setup but I wonder if there is a way to somehow overlay the write area so you don’t have two areas to keep track of. I would love that, but don’t really know how something that could be implemented or even if it could.

I also think there are other usability issues other then a WYSIWIG editor. We get requests a lot for browsing by category in the images tab and I can see how once you have MANY articles the article tab might not scale as well.

WYSIWIG can be done as a plugin imo.

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#32 2005-11-08 13:41:42

From: Lenzing, Austria
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Re: Textpattern and usability : how can we improve ?

May I add some of my recurring annyoances?

  • ability to collapse / expand section details
  • jump to previously active section after save
  • sorting/expanding&collapsing of lists (image, file) consistent with and expanding from article list behaviour
  • jump to the plug-in entry after loading a plugin.
  • jump to previous position in article body/excerpt textarea after intermittent save

No show stoppers, but for me it’s about those details which would make day-to-day operation more deligthful.


#33 2005-11-10 16:27:50

From: Paris, France
Registered: 2004-04-27
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Re: Textpattern and usability : how can we improve ?

Wet, this is cool :)

If we all make a clean and precise list like this, we could build some kind of usability improvement plan and submit this to the dev team… really nice input :) !

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