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#1 2005-10-21 14:01:23

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Re: Blogging by sending Mail

Did you search the forum? This has been discussed already.

There is no complete solution yet, but the framework is there. Being a Unix person, here’s how I’d do it:

Create an account (say blog@example.com), and forward mail for blog@example.com (out of a .forward file or /etc/aliases) to a script which parses the message and posts it to Textpattern using XML-RPC.

Other people have suggested something that would run on a schedule and fetch messages off of a server using POP3—that’s certainly a viable solution, though it’s really quite inelegant. I guess it might be all you could do on Windows, though.

It’s really not that hard—an official XML-RPC stack for Textpattern would be nice, but what we have now works, more or less. So, all someone needs to do is write the e-mail-to-XML-RPC-post script. The only hurdle I can think of is coming up with a way to secure the system somehow—you don’t want it posting every bit of spam and whatnot to your blog. Even that’s pretty easy, though, as you could just look for a secret word in the subject, or something like that.

As to your idea on Wordpress and Textpattern, bear in mind that absolutely nothing happens “automagically”. There’s got to be code to make things happen, and somebody’s got to write that code. Now, the closest thing I can come up with to what you’re describing is to get Wordpress to push every new post via XML-RPC to Textpattern—it could work; I don’t know much about Wordpress.


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