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#1 2005-08-17 02:40:51

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Posting a Textpattern Tag Trace

Textpattern 4.0 includes a new “Tag Trace” feature that’s intended to help track down page template and form problems.

If you’re experiencing a problem where the content displayed on your public web pages doesn’t match what you’d expect, you can help speed the support process by including a copy of your Tag Trace in your forum post. A few examples of the kinds of problems this can help with are:

  • search results page displays normally, but with no results
  • individual article pages display a list of articles instead of a single article
  • a section or category list page shows no articles, or the wrong articles
  • articles are displayed with the wrong layout (e.g. full articles instead of excerpts or vice versa)
  • conditional tags (<txp:if_*> aren’t working as expected)
  • most problems where the basic page output is normal (your layout is there, with no errors), but the content on the page is not what you’re expecting

To include a Tag Trace in your forum post:

1. Go to textpattern > admin > preferences
2. Set Production Status to Debugging
3. Load the problem page in your browser
4. View the HTML source (Ctrl-U in many browsers)
5. Scroll towards the bottom, and look for the heading “txp tag trace:”, inside a block of HTML comments
6. Copy and paste the tag trace output into your forum post. Make sure you surround it with < code > < /code > tags, otherwise it won’t show up correctly. (Edit: that doesn’t work anymore. -Mary)

If the tag trace is particularly long, consider omitting repeated blocks.

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#2 2006-11-08 14:01:04

From: Hamburg
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Re: Posting a Textpattern Tag Trace

Addition to point 6: Posting long blocks of code and how to proceed with a normal paragraph

Start with bc.. (two dots + space!), paste the long block of code after the space.
To proceed with a normal paragraph insert an empty line at the end of the code block.
Start the next line with p. (one dot + space!) and write your comment.

bc.. code (this line starts with bc.. bc.., you only see the 2nd one :)

more code

even more code ...

 p. your normal comment (here it is two spaces followed by p., the next comment line starts with p.)

Hope that helps as many people have problems posting code blocks.

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