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#1 2023-12-25 01:38:32

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plugins ‘import / update from drive’ puzzlement

I have configured a custom folder for storing plugins (since 4.8.8),

$define('PLUGINPATH', txpath.'/../plugin_folder_name');

When editing the plugin file directly from the file system in my trusted editor and then select “Update from Drive” in the multi-edit widget on the plugins panel, the Plugin Author and Version change to “me”1 and version 1 respectively. The same oddity happens when installing a plugin by choosing “Import from Drive” at the top of the panel.

This does not happen when the PLUGINPATH is the default (/textpattern/plugins).

This started to happen in more recent months (I think the Plugin Edit panel revamp).

PHP 8.2 and now PHP 8.3 .


1 “me” is whatever name I set on the user panel for this (always top-level) user

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#2 2023-12-25 08:17:01

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Re: plugins ‘import / update from drive’ puzzlement

Ack, probably my fault. I’ll see if I can figure out what’s going on. Thank you for the report.

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