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#1 2023-12-15 22:39:24

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I'm reading "Design for Hackers: Reverse Engineering Beauty"

…and I found this blast from the past:

Brightly colored backgrounds, such as yellow, pink, or cyan, definitely make an impact, but that won’t always be a good thing. If you choose to use a brightly colored background, make sure it’s relevant. Bright backgrounds are also best reserved for sites with splash pages that are very short on content but that you want to make a strong impact.

The TXP Mobile website (www.txpmobile.com), shown in Figure 9-4, is a good example of a site that uses a brightly colored background well. The site is short on information – its only objective is to tell you a bit about the product and get you to download it. If you had to do much more reading on this site, the bright yellow background would be too much, but in this case, it works.

Figure 9-4 Brightly colored backgrounds can be distracting, but the small amount of content on the TXP Mobile site makes its use of a yellow background appropriate and engaging.

Reproduced by permission of Oliver Ker

The website listed is now an advertising blog called TXPMOBILE CASINO.

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#2 2023-12-16 03:29:13

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Re: I'm reading "Design for Hackers: Reverse Engineering Beauty"

nice find!

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…. texted postive


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