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#1 2023-04-29 16:45:47

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The barebones, dummy-proof usage of smd_thumbnail in articles

I searched before asking and see measures are being taken to resize and crop in other ways – I’m not too code-knowing so I’ll have to wait. I have two smd_thumbnail Profiles: Horizontal and Vertical; and just a few images. I’ve successfully created and accepted/Saved Vertical for image 1 – it’s in images/Vertical/1.jpg which is probably no surprise.

In an Article, where I want a Thumbnail/resized image 1 from that Vertical folder in images, <txp:smd_thumbnail id=“1” /> cringe Am I stabbing in the right direction?

(Returning to TXP after years away. Always an admirer, but I was never one of the brightest users.)

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#2 2023-04-29 17:01:22

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Re: The barebones, dummy-proof usage of smd_thumbnail in articles

If you’re using smd_thumbnail you’ll want to use <smd::thumbnail type="Vertical" /> to grab that particular profile.

However, it depends how you’re calling it as to whether you use the id attribute or wrap it in a @<txp:images /> tag.

I heartily recommend the com_article_image plugin for more integrated image handling from the Write panel. And if you’ve assigned one or more thumbs to an article, in your Form that handles content display, do this:

    <smd::thumbnail type="vertical" />

You can specify limit="1" in the images tag if you only want to grab the first image assigned. Or, you can use the size attribute to filter the images by aspect first (e.g. size="portrait") but I’m not sure how that transfers into the plugin.

Edit: note to self… Document the new attributes.

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