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#1 2023-03-11 16:12:16

From: India
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Paid work - E-Commerce Plugin for TXP

I need a good and user-friendly E-Commerce plugin for TXP.
I can pay if someone is interested to develop the plugin, after that we can upload to TXP Plugins directory and anyone can download free ;-)


#2 2023-03-11 16:38:18

From: Leeds, UK
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Re: Paid work - E-Commerce Plugin for TXP

I can probably help but please read through this e-commerce primer where we laid out some groundwork.

E-commerce is such a sprawling mess, even platforms like Magento and (my current favourite, albeit clunky) Shopify struggle to manage all facets of it. I’ve tried many systems and they almost all fail to deliver on the corner cases like product images associated with variants.

Textpattern would be no different in this regard at present, because our unlimited custom fields implementation (still under development) is the key to unlocking a lot of that potential.

On the other end, are payment processors and the ever-shifting landscape of their APIs: PayPal. Square. Worldpay. Amazon. Apple. Google. Authorize.net. Stripe. The list is endless. Each one has a different API. Different callback system. Different endpoint management. Some require you to define products on their system before payment can be made against them. And that’s before getting into the murky world of calculating sales tax at the point of sale, and variable shipping costs and courier providers.

It’s a very, very complex topic, which is why there are now comparatively few e-commerce offerings. All the startups have been bought up and the big few have monopolised the market using dollar muscle to grow.

So, when you say you want a user friendly e-commerce plugin it will help if you could define exactly how you want it to work and what features you require and how it should integrate with the Textpattern ecosystem.

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