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#1 2022-03-05 08:40:49

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The end of passwords [?]

From MIT technology review: “Companies are finally shifting away from notoriously insecure alphanumerics to other methods of authentication.” www.technologyreview.com/2022/02/23/1044953/password-login-cybersecurity/

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#2 2022-03-06 08:52:53

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Re: The end of passwords [?]


So the advice for years has been “never use the same authentication system in more than one place so if one is compromised, you can change it and the damage is limited to only one system.” Now it’s “use a single sign-in mechanism for every place, that can never be changed, so if one is compromised, they all fall.”

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#3 2022-03-08 06:11:00

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Re: The end of passwords [?]

That is actually a very short article with not much details, amIright? Or are my browsers cutting off some content due to use of content-blockers?

From the little they mention (or, what I see…) in the article, as Bloke notes the “single sign-on” mechanism stands out high. And then I wonder, is this all under control of a big-tech overlord (like sign-in with Faceb***)? As in – big brother is kindly and gently looking over your shoulder and if you do something that does not fit in the worldview of big brother, your (main) account is closed, and all is gone?

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