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#13 2022-01-02 17:48:45

From: Lancashire
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Re: Viet-Thai Restaurant

Those images of food look very tempting and it might be an idea to put a thumbnail link to them on the home page immediately after the first paragraph, so they can see some authentic food almost immediately, maybe.

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#14 2022-01-02 18:02:55

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Re: Viet-Thai Restaurant

Yes, definitely. I think the idea – when they furnish me with some more pictures of the interior – is to make a mini gallery on the home page somewhere, perhaps with some random food pics and some of their trinkets and knick-knacks they sell too.

EDIT: That front page text is lifted verbatim off their old site. If it’s rejigged slightly then the pics can be moved into more of a gallery style. I rewrote the text a while back, then (foolishly) deleted the article by mistake and had forgotten to take an SQL backup. Annoying.

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