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#1 2021-09-28 09:21:11

From: India
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How to make online payment system through article

I want to prepare an e-commerce website which my client will sale each item (article) online through Mastercard and PayPal ?
I designed and developed everything like items listing and appear with item details, just Buy button is left without link.
Is there any plugin or recommendation for me ?


#2 2021-09-28 10:07:08

Server grease monkey
From: People's Republic of Cornwall
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Re: How to make online payment system through article

yab_shop is worth looking at.

Also, if they’re not 100% committed to Paypal, look at Shopify Lite.


#3 2021-09-28 10:14:49

From: Leeds, UK
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Re: How to make online payment system through article

yab_shop only supports PayPal, sadly (although it supports credit and debit cards indirectly, through PayPal’s own interface).

I have a heavily modified version of the plugin that’s running on a recent Txp instance to hook into the PayPal API. It also closes the loop with smd_ipn to handle business transactions on successful payment. It handles variable shipping weights and (sort of) different tax rates. SO if you need any of that functionality, get in touch.

My long-term goal is to finish the shop plugin I’m building and have each payment method as a pluggable module for that. I have the basics coded but it’s a long way off with my current workload, unfortunately.

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