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#1 2021-08-16 16:21:31

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Stable install from git?

It should be possible to install the stable release(s) from github and update between them?
Quick reading through the docs I only saw ZIP/tarball mentioned for stable installs and upgrades, and git for dev version.

But it should be possible to checkout the releases from git and then for the next stable release just checkout that tag?
A couple of git commands sounds easier than copying the newer files from a compressed file…

(So far I’ve only been running TextPattern on shared hosting and updating it using Softaculous etc, but I’m planning on installing it manually on a server now.) :)

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#2 2021-08-17 15:45:42

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Re: Stable install from git?

If you have a clone of our repo then yes, by all means you can git checkout 4.8.7 and your local repo will be at that version. Then you can copy everything except the .git stuff out of there into your hosting environment and thus have that version installed.

What I think you’re suggesting is to actually git clone the repo direct to your live site, correct? Nothing to stop you doing that. Then, when a new version is released you can:

  • log out of the Textpattern back-end.
  • issue git checkout 4.8.8 at the command line to update your in-situ repo to the latest tagged version.
  • Log in to Textpattern to complete the upgrade.

That would work just fine. The only downsides are:

  1. your web-accessible repo has all the git fluff in it – which is MB of data.
  2. it also has all the readme, history, contributing and dev workflow files in it, which are not required – these are not bundled in the zip/tarball packages as they are recommended to be removed during installation.
  3. when you checkout the next version, it might not go cleanly if you have custom data in your directories such as /images, /files, /textpattern/tmp and /textpattern/plugins.

YMMV. Would be interested to hear if it works out though.

A better method might be to use composer if/when we fully support installation that way. I’m not sure how well-supported that is at the moment as I’ve never tried it.

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