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#25 2021-05-26 08:23:32

From: Germany
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Re: Challenging upgrade and redesign issues 😳

Hi John, You’ve got mail. My method helps with Number 4 in your list and obviates the need for language url parameters, and the rest is more or less as you describe. I’ve not moved from MLP to this method so I can’t say for sure how you can bring across content with just some SQL statements but there must be a way of getting at the information you already have.
Sometimes when working with disparate data in different formats I export to csv, then sandwich together different csv files via matching columns to create a csv of a “textpattern” table to reimport. It can be a bit laborious but less tedious than cutting and pasting.

You might also want to investigate Christian’s take on multi-lingual sites: he’s written a tutorial that’s linked to in this post and also a helpful “duplicate and link up articles” plugin for making second language versions.

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