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#253 2021-03-20 16:56:18

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Re: smd_xml : extract data from XML feeds

etc wrote #329097:

Certainly too late, but for the record:

<txp:etc_query url="https://vimeo.com/api/oembed.json?url=http%3A//vimeo.com/336049258" query="." markup="json">...

Not as late as I am on this one. I have just noticed it.
Thanks so much, the snippet does work!
Here is my first effort.

<txp:etc_query url="https://vimeo.com/api/oembed.json?url=http%3A//vimeo.com/336049258" query="." markup="json">
   <img src="{thumbnail_url?}" width="{thumbnail_width?}" height="{thumbnail_height?}" class="my classes" />

The problem now is figuring out how to load high res images which do not appear to be supported with their default OEmbed.

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