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#1 2021-03-10 08:52:05

From: England
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Theming Bootstrap

One of the web applications I maintain for work uses Bootstrap and I’ve been tasked with re-skinning it to match our corporate branding for colours, etc.

To this end I’ve been digging deeper into Bootstrap than usual and came across SASS maps for storing colours. I’ve been doing a lot of reading of the Bootstrap and SASS docs and searching on the Internet but I’m having trouble wrapping my head around how to use them. Specifically how to override the default Bootstrap colours, how to add my own colours to the maps, how to create and use my own colour maps, and how to add colours from SASS maps to classes and IDs.

In the past I would override colours using SASS variables but from what I can tell using SASS maps in Bootstrap is the way things are moving so I’d like to understand them and their advantages better.

Does anyone have any advice or useful links for beginners that I could take a look at?


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