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#1 2021-02-18 07:24:54

Plugin Author
From: Japan
Registered: 2004-02-27
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RFC: add the translate=no attribute to TXP admin pages

Is there any value in preventing browsers (Chrome, Edge, Safari 14 on macOS11 and iOS 14) from offering to translate admin side pages ? As far as I understand, browser access remote servers for this and thus this might leak sensitive / private stuff. Firefox does not support it, but does not offer to translate either, it is supported in Chromium and Safari 14.1 will support it. Source and source 2.

<html translate="no" lang="en" dir="ltr">

Is all you need

Where is that emoji for a solar powered submarine when you need it ?
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#2 2021-02-18 07:32:04

Server grease monkey
From: People's Republic of Cornwall
Registered: 2005-11-19
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Re: RFC: add the translate=no attribute to TXP admin pages

I have no skin in the game personally, but given our language translation levels on some locales, I’d personally err towards a preference rather than a blanket “no”.


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