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#1 2021-02-08 18:57:31

Registered: 2016-02-27
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RSS/Atomic feed has no style-information

Since last firefox-update, may be this is the reason, the rss and atom feeds don`t want to display in the browser. I have just tried Chromium, but the same. You get a downloadoffer, or you can choice “open with (browser)” and you get an raw xml-script with the notice, there is no style. Where I can get the style for the feeds?


#2 2021-02-08 19:41:47

From: Germany
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Re: RSS/Atomic feed has no style-information

In my experience, some browsers always showed that and suggested opening a feed in a feed reader, and some (at the time Firefox and Chrome) would show the XML output.

Just tried in Firefox and it proposes opening the output in Textedit (where the source code is readable).

PS: There also seem to be Firefox add-ons out there for reading feeds in the browser.

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