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#1 2021-02-06 11:09:31

New Member
Registered: 2021-02-05
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sample crud application

i need a sample crud application

help me please


#2 2021-02-06 13:50:37

From: Germany
Registered: 2005-01-20
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Re: sample crud application

I haven’t got that for you, but you can find the functions and a sample setup by looking at the core.

  • /lib/txplib_db.php contains the main DB CRUD functions.
  • /include/txp_link.php shows, for example, how the links panel is constructed, e.g. with the list of the entries, edit panel, load/edit/save and user messaging. If you were making your own content type, you’d create a similar set of functions but rather than adding a file, you’d bring them in as a plugin.
  • More details on writing a plugin in the docs

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