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#1 2021-02-05 20:36:53

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Image links - what is expected?

Few image tags (like <txp:image /> etc) link by default to ?context=image&p=id URLs. These links seem to merely land on the home page. Is this the expected result?

Ah, seemingly some image tags can detect p parameter, so it’s probably okay.


#2 2021-02-05 23:47:37

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Re: Image links - what is expected?

The old image tags used to work that way to retrieve the full-size image via the URL, so I think this behaviour is merely a holdover to support the ancient <txp:image_index> and <txp:image_display> tags – long since decommissioned.

It really should be changed at some point to render a proper image link that the more modern tags can interpret. Honestly, I thought <txp:image> had been retrofitted to accept the legacy URL format and handle it, but maybe it hasn’t been done, or has been broken in recent iterations of the taghandlers. No great loss, but as I don’t think anyone’s going to be using the old tags any more we could probably safely change the default <txp:images> to output links to something more useful. No idea what that might be!

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