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#1 2020-12-22 08:51:42

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The web in 2020, not so much bling

Lea Verrou analysing the state of the web for CSS-tricks :

A wake-up call of sorts. We spend so much time in the bubble of bleeding-edge tech that we lose touch with how the web is really built. Most of the web favors old, stable tech instead of new bling.

The “We” is of course a small group of people working on websites. The rest of us try to build stable, fast and lean, lasting websites with Plain–Old–HTML and friends.

Edit: rest of use ––> rest of us

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Where is that emoji for a solar powered submarine when you need it ?


#2 2020-12-22 09:27:04

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Re: The web in 2020, not so much bling

Some other tangentially (inversely?) related threads going round at the moment, though more about the state of the web as a place of personal expression:

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