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#13 2020-12-04 18:02:26

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Re: Mysql fatal error on setup

gaekwad wrote #327268:

The patch worked to resolve the issue that OP reported (on my setup, at leas), and we’ve also squashed another bug as a result of this thread. This happens at the end of the install process on PHP 8.0.0. The install does complete OK, these are just warnings, but it’s not pretty.

anotherday: hopefully the patch that Bloke made will solve your issue. If you’re not comfortable patching it yourself. we’ll be releasing 4.8.5 soon when we’ve taken care of a few other bits and pieces, so if you’re happy to hold off for a while we can improve the PHP 8.0.0 experience further for you.

Understood gaekwad, and thanks again.


#14 2020-12-04 18:21:26

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Re: Mysql fatal error on setup

Function libxml_disable_entity_loader()

Yeah, I got that too – fixed with github.com/textpattern/textpattern/commit/c48b9c3d8e361d4654d311d48bd8e66a75313029

The other stuff…we’re working on it: see github.com/textpattern/textpattern/issues/1596 and github.com/textpattern/textpattern/issues/1597 for the details.


#15 2020-12-04 21:50:29

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Re: Mysql fatal error on setup

anotherday wrote #327270:

On the fourth login (and after playing around with creating, updating articles, and changing articles’ status), I received a pop-up like message: Warning "Undefined array key "article_sort_column"".

Thank you for battle testing and bearing with us. Thought we’d squashed all this stuff in PHP 8.0 but it seems some gremlins crept in with their more stringent parser. Apologies for the hiccup.

As Pete says, we’ve identified most of the ones you mention. The ‘article_sort_column’ is a new one and I suspect there may be others. We’ll raise issues for those to track them.

I think the application is very usable and may require adjustment for the new php version

Yes, that’s all it is. Some PHP 8 teething problems. It’ll run smoothly on PHP 7.4.

Lastly, I get permission related errors, in which case I will adjust my files/folders permissions.

Yeah, depending on the way hosts are set up, sometimes you need to widen the write permissions on:

  • /files
  • /images
  • /themes
  • /textpattern/plugins

If you wish so, I will keep testing and report back.

Yes please. Anything you find that we haven’t already caught in our issue queue would be most welcome so we can squash it.

Thanks again for your help and understanding with this. And so glad you’re enjoying Textpattern.

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