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#11 2020-10-09 09:39:36

From: Leeds, UK
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Re: RFC: author-level language setting in article UI

gaekwad wrote #326275:

language stuff should be article-level and not per-author…rather an author of a certain number of stripes could change the language for the content if necessary.

Absolutely. The author has a ‘home’ language that they use the interface in – presumably their native tongue. And when they start to write a piece of content in the Write panel, we can default the dropdown to this same language, for convenience (or remember it for next time they author something).

But they’re free to change the dropdown so they can author any content in any language and indicate, at the content level, what language that piece is in.

For other stuff such as alt text, the only thing we can conceivably do is somehow show a field for each language and one or more people can fill them in.

There’s also the notion of “missing” translations which we should factor in somehow. Like smd_where_used in a way, but showing ‘where fields/articles not translated’.

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