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#1 2020-08-13 02:35:38

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this is bad (mozilla layoffs)

Mozilla layoffs: Changing World, Changing Mozilla

That is bad. Not only for the folks who lose their jobs, that is never fun, although most had “good” jobs. But bad for the wider ecosystem – MDN, dev tools are badly affected. Luckily the team working on the core rendering engine / browser development seems unaffected, for now.

PPK rants a little on the subject, some good points.

(i thought that when Microsoft dumped their whole documentation on MDN, they promised to contribute, including financial support… ditto Google, and Apple to a lesser extend).

Mitch Baker, multi-millionaire, author of the article above and chairperson at the Mozilla Foundation still keeps her well paying job…

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#2 2020-08-13 07:18:30

From: Germany
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Re: this is bad (mozilla layoffs)

Agree absolutely about the ecosystem. Not good for the many employees – some well-known web figures are now on the lookout for new work.

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