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#111 2019-12-15 12:29:28

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Re: Dev news

etc wrote #320547:

All dialogs are concerned (tagbuilder, pophelp, etc), not only preview. It’s not a big annoyance, just a bit irritating.

Yeah, a few of the pop help popups merit to be kept on screen while interacting with the page. Luckily most are short and to the point and don’t need to be kept open.

Related to Preview and small screens: the “live preview” feature is disabled once the dialog is closed / dismissed, correct? If the user opens the preview and turns the live preview feature on, then dismisses the dialog (it is anyway in the way on a smartphone) to continue editing / typing / …, then the live preview won’t do nothing anymore as far as I understand it. Next time the user opens the dialog, an updated version of the text is displayed anyway.

In that case, on small screens, the checkbox and eventual related controls could be hidden, saving some real estate.


#112 2020-01-17 04:44:31

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Re: Dev news

Hi guys,
admin >> preferences >> site >> Date format / Archive date format.
These two date formats have some errors in the Chinese settings.
1月17 (wrong) → 1月17日(correct).
The uppercase date in Chinese is xxxx年 xx月 xx日.


#113 2020-01-17 10:41:48

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Re: Dev news

Hello, thanks for the report. Dates are output via standard PHP functions. Can you test in some article which date format, e.g.

<txp:php>echo strftime('%m%B %d');</txp:php>

outputs correctly?


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