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#1 2019-10-12 21:52:28

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Seeking developer to update to new version- currently locked out

Hi I’m an artist who has a pretty simple site built w an old version of TP. I recently had a new-ish designer update the site, and he suggested making it a lot more mobile-friendly, which he did, and it seems to look great on devices now. However, something went wrong and although my site works, I now am basically locked out, bec TP logs me out every time I click to do anything and displays several error messages. There are a couple minor changes to the site (add and remove photos) that I need to do, but can’t. The designer says that the entire site needs to be moved to a new version of TP, but he doesn’t feel experienced enough to do that quickly and safely, so now I’m kind of stuck. I’m looking for someone who thinks they can take a swing at it pretty easily, and it not be a major project. Thanks.


#2 2019-10-12 22:04:07

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Re: Seeking developer to update to new version- currently locked out

Hi Lisa and welcome to the forum.

I’ve sent you a mail and can help you out if you are interested.

If nothing in particular has changed with the site itself, it may be because many web hosts have been updating their servers causing an incompatibility with an earlier version of Textpattern. An update is usually the answer. If your site is simple as you say, it could be a fairly straightforward affair to bring up to date.

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