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#1 2019-06-18 08:01:49

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A user complains - editing a long article on an iPad.

The lady needs to edit a longish article (~1500 words). She’s using an iPad (the 9.7inch non-pro model, but it doesn’t really seem to matter). Hive is the theme in use. The textarea is nicely (hmm…) expanded to show the whole article. She’s working on some part midway through the article.

The problem: the “Save” button is invisible and requires a (very) long scroll upwards (landscape mode) or downwards (portrait mode) to reach. Once the article is saved, she has to scroll back to the editing location and continue with her work. Not exactly a good example of “fun to work with”.

In theory, the “Save” button should be sticky in landscape mode. It isn’t, according to her description, once the keyboard is onscreen (I confirmed that using the Simulator, I currently don’t have an iPad). And of course in portrait mode, that button is never sticky.

ATM, I managed to disable the script for the main textarea on the Write panel. Not great as it affects all 3 users of the company on any device. I currently don’t have time & energy to debug further.

My Sandspace / Darkspace themes do not have the problem (sticky button is always sticky in landscape mode), but then, those don’t use the offending script.

Things to consider for the future

  • have a mechanism that the theme can use for users preferences like in this case disable the script), could be used for dark/light theme,…
  • disable the offending script completely on tablets & phones (or device sizes).


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