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#91 2019-03-13 07:38:55

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Re: [phw_sandSpace], an admin theme for TXP CMS 4.6 and 4.7

Some minor bug fix update and ready for TXP 4.7.3. This will probably be the last update for the TXP 4.7.x branch.

>> Download

The script that powers the menu also saw an update. I’m not sure why, bootstrap version 3.3.7 worked perfectly fine for more than 2years and the update does not bring any added or improved functionality. But then updating is what the cool kids seem to do. The script is now at bootstrap v 3.4.1.

Of note – I’ll soon have a beta version of Sandspace with support for both light and dark mode (Safari version.next on macOS 10.14.4 and Firefox 67 – who knows about Chrome.)


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