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#1 2019-03-05 16:49:24

From: People's Republic of Cornwall
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Words and sounds

Purely out of curiosity while I wait for PHP to compile from source…

If you listen to sounds while you write (articles, code or something else), what do you listen to?

Right now I’m listening to Shared Meanings and it’s hitting the spot.

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#2 2019-03-05 18:50:53

From: Leeds, UK
Registered: 2006-01-29
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Re: Words and sounds

I don’t tend to listen to stuff while working as I get easily distracted by beats. If I put stuff on in the background I start noticing things I’ve never heard before. The curse of being a sound engineer/audio geek, I guess.

But if I do put anything on, the only criteria is that it has to be well-produced and hold my interest. Mostly that would involve choosing a channel from Digitally Imported such as Dark Drum n Bass or Breakbeat. Mmmm beat-tastic.

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#3 2019-03-06 13:09:15

Registered: 2010-11-11
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Re: Words and sounds

It happens to me to enjoy a tanda of tangos between two lines of code, but generally I prefer working in silence.


#4 2019-03-07 08:35:47

Plugin Author
From: Japan
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Re: Words and sounds

Today, I listened to the sound of the rain while working (or… attempting to work ?). Quiet and peaceful.

Sometimes a bit of music in the background. iTunes history flags Satoko Fujii (Solo, 2018, Libra) and Kaja Draksler (Punkt. vrt. Plastic, with Christian Lillinger and Peter Eldh, Intakt Records 2018). Lots of improvised music.

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#5 2019-03-07 09:22:15

From: Cyprus
Registered: 2004-11-20
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Re: Words and sounds

I’ve been a fan of David Byrne’s programs for some time now. Here’s the latest one: davidbyrne.com/radio/david-byrne-presents-orphans

I’m also following Bill Laswell’s experiments, some of which are very well known and some, are gems waiting to be discovered.

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