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#1 2018-10-26 13:42:46

From: Germany
Registered: 2005-01-20
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Video archive on An Event Apart

Warning: NSFAHL* timesink ahead!

Maybe it’s been there all the time but I only just discovered today through an email from “An Event Apart” that they’ve put up a library of videos and resources from their past events. There are hours and hours of talks by big-name speakers and experts in their respective fields – far too much to even know where to start.

So, grab a cup of tea, coffee or your favourite beverage and enjoy – and report on any you particularly like.

*NSFAHL: Not suitable for a healthy lifestyle.

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#2 2018-10-26 16:13:23

From: Haut-Rhin
Registered: 2004-08-04
Posts: 4,193

Re: Video archive on An Event Apart

Thanks for the heads-up. Was not aware.

The text persuades, the *notes prove。


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