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#73 2018-04-05 12:59:59

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Re: Feedback to: Textpattern CMS 4.7.0 beta 2 released

Bloke wrote #310636:

You must be running a fairly recent version of PHP then. 7 I’d guess, while txstyle.org must be using PHP 5.

Yeah, Stef you’re right: PHP 7.2.0 exactly ;)

This is a bug in Textile. It’s declaring variables as strings then trying to use them as arrays later. They need to be declared as empty arrays, probably.

Thank you lot for your patch: all works perfectly, now!


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#74 2018-04-11 12:30:04

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Re: Feedback to: Textpattern CMS 4.7.0 beta 2 released

Closing this thread as beta 3 is now released. Please continue conversations in that thread, thanks!


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