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#1 2018-03-27 16:34:58

From: Haut-Rhin
Registered: 2004-08-04
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Forum site showcase

Just musing here…

But if the forum’s Showcase your Textpattern site is any indication, not many people build sites with Textpattern.

I’m sure more sites are built than get mentioned there. But the fact remains, what is the real value of that forum if it drastically under-represents reality? At what point does its existence hurt more than help by reflecting a lack of caring to advertise?

I’d say create a curated “showcase” of top ten somewhere, and get rid of this forum appendix.

The future “themes” site would be more interesting as a community show-off area.


#2 2018-03-27 16:59:05

From: Germany
Registered: 2005-01-20
Posts: 4,611

Re: Forum site showcase

I dunno. I see the forum as being more informal sharing of what we do among forum visitors and not as a Textpattern showcase. I know I have the odd private client who wouldn’t necessarily want their site used to advertise something else, but wouldn’t necessarily mind if I wanted to discuss it among my peers.

BTW: Phil has a curated showcase on the homepage.

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#3 2018-03-28 06:02:16

Core designer
From: Haslemere, Surrey, UK
Registered: 2009-06-11
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Re: Forum site showcase

Sorry, I’ve got a couple more site submissions to put on the homepage showcase, just haven’t had time to put them up yet. Will try to do in the next week or so.


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