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#1 2017-11-30 17:39:15

From: netherlands
Registered: 2010-04-21
Posts: 34

plugin help: classes and id’s missing

i’m using the Jul 15, 2017 version of zem_tpl.php, which includes Ruuds fix (#306165) for constant txpath.

after ‘compiling’ plugin.php, and installing plugin.txt, all textile in my plugin help is converted to html, except for classes and id’s:

h2(#sec01). List of features

… became:

<h2>List of features</h2>

… without the html id.

i’m using soo_plugin_help_viewer (1.0.0-beta) to view my edits. this does convert classes and id’s in its preview.

is there any way to get the correct conversion back at this moment? (apart from switching to markdown/ parsedown.)

(TXP 4.6.2)

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