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#49 2016-12-02 19:43:00

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Re: Plugins broken in 4.6

ENB wrote #301946:

tru_tags is broken at 4.6v (mysqli)

A couple of fixes have been made to this since and incorporated by nathan, the plugin author: see the github repo.

uli wrote #303132:

schematic solutions for fixing misbehaving/broken plugins in 4.6+: small link list.

Good idea. Thank you!

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#50 2017-11-01 14:06:46

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Re: Plugins broken in 4.6

cbe_frontauth 0.97 gave me a unregistered_tag error in debug mode on a site just updated to 4.6.2.

The error goes away first by adding the following at the top of the plugin code:

if (class_exists('\Textpattern\Tag\Registry')) { Txp::get('\Textpattern\Tag\Registry') ->register('cbe_frontauth') ->register('cbe_frontauth_backend') ->register('cbe_frontauth_box') ->register ('cbe_frontauth_if_connected') ->register('cbe_frontauth_invite') ->register('cbe_frontauth_edit_article') ->register('cbe_frontauth_label') ->register('cbe_frontauth_link') ->register('cbe_frontauth_if_logged') ->register('cbe_frontauth_login') ->register('cbe_frontauth_loginwith') ->register('cbe_frontauth_logname') ->register('cbe_frontauth_logout') ->register('cbe_frontauth_password') ->register('cbe_frontauth_protect') ->register('cbe_frontauth_redirect') ->register('cbe_frontauth_reset') ->register('cbe_frontauth_stay') ->register('cbe_frontauth_submit') ->register('cbe_frontauth_whois') ; }

EDIT: However, it takes a while until that EDIT box appears, although i am logged in. Upon trying to edit that article i get multiple popups saying
User_Error "'' is not an integer". twice
User_Error "Incorrect parameter count in the call to native function 'FROM_UNIXTIME'".
then the whole round again.
Apparently somehow the article ID doesn’t seem to make it into the link and i end up with an empty article write window in the backend.

Hmmm. I’m gonna copy this post into the cbe_frontauth plugin thread…

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