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#25 2017-03-03 09:30:23

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Re: Public-side multi-lingual URLs

ax wrote #304355:

I would vote for freezing the English language into the URLs.

+1, if a bw-compatible way is possible.


#26 2017-03-03 09:57:43

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Re: Public-side multi-lingual URLs

I admit to not having read the entire thread, but I do think there are some cases where it is good to have localised urls, for example /author, /category etc. Currently I do this via htaccess.

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#27 2017-03-03 10:22:44

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Re: Public-side multi-lingual URLs

ax wrote #304355:

SEO likes URLs that would not change (as per language settings for example)

Maybe. The vagaries of search engine’s algorithms remain a mystery. In terms of language designators, I sort of agree. My initial draft when I started thinking about it was that having /en, /jp, etc in the URLs wasn’t much use. As long as the <html> tag has an appropriate lang attribute, search engines can figure out the language and index accordingly. Not having a visual URL designator makes things a whole lot simpler (in some ways) but more tricky in others. But it’ll largely depend on how we implement multi-lingual content.

Having localised URL components such as /category, /author, etc, I still don’t know. Part of me thinks it’s a nice-to-have. Part of me wishes I’d never followed the original Txp paradigm when I introduced context for the other content-types. It works fine for most Western languages, but looks terrible in browser bookmarks when they urlencode, for example, Japanese URLs.

Somewhere there’ll be a solution that satisfies most people, I just haven’t stumbled upon it yet.

What about having a voluntary advisory board for questions like this?

You mean, like a forum ;-)

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#28 2017-03-13 09:58:12

From: Haut-Rhin
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Re: Public-side multi-lingual URLs

Bloke wrote #304359:

You mean, like a forum ;-)



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