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#1 2016-03-08 17:57:37

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Drag & Drop within the TXP interface

Because all infos tabs within the “Write” panel store what the user choose to display into the database in order to remember it, may be it will be super cool to allow drag/drop to organize the place where “Date to publish”, “Keywords”, “Custom Fields” and so on could be.

See how Craft CMS does these things: https://craftcms.com/features/new


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#2 2016-03-12 21:03:02

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Re: Drag & Drop within the TXP interface

I’ve done something like that with jQuery’s sortable and draggable functions/plugins/libraries so that stuff can be organized or even hidden in Write panel, but my system has some limits. I’m just testing the code to see if there are major bugs. :-) The plugin candidate allows for most elements only vertical movement like this:


So 1 can’t switch columns to 2 or 3 etc.


#3 2016-03-13 02:23:06

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Re: Drag & Drop within the TXP interface

With Jquery UI being build in for Textpattern 4.6 (including all the styles for drag and drop), it shouldn’t be too difficult to implement for a plugin author.

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