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#1 2015-03-25 16:06:02

From: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Registered: 2004-10-10
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Estudio Libres, a recording studio in Buenos Aires

Hi all,

I invite you to visit Libres’ website, a recording studio in Buenos Aires.
It’s running on TXP 4.6-dev, and it uses some plugins:

  • aks_header, for stripping white space and gzipping pages on the fly.
  • arc_meta, for easily managing some SEO/SMM tags (title, description, etc).
  • cbe_if_prod_status
  • mck_snippet, great for letting the website owner to manage some micro-copy here and there.
  • rah_autoload, for autoloading plugins installed via Composer (most rah_ plugins can be installed that way)
  • rah_backup
  • rah_knots, for saving articles using keyboard shorcuts
  • smd_multichoice
  • smd_thumbnail, for handling thumbnails and easily implementing responsive images with TXP
  • smd_wrap
  • zem_nth

The website is responsive / mobile-first/friendly, built on top of some Bootstrap v3.3.2 core and non-core components, carefully trying to keep it as small as possible.

I’ve also implemented a build process using Gulp, by following (and adapting to TXP and my needs) this tutorial series on Gulp. I’ve still to polish it a little more, and then I’m planning on publishing the files & the process to Github. The build process allows me to:

  • watch assets while developing, making it easy to rebuild them when a change in a file is detected.
  • build assets: work & compile both Bootstrap and custom LESS files, concat & minify asset files (like CSS and JS), optimize static images, generate cache-busting assets while keeping the references to them (on templates and in other files) in sync.
  • deploy changed files to both stage & production copies of the website.

The website is still a WIP (which website isn’t a WIP?). New sections are coming & there is still some room for improvement in performance and usability, according to PageSpeed Insights.

La música ideas portará y siempre continuará

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#2 2015-03-25 16:36:38

From: Leeds, UK
Registered: 2006-01-29
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Re: Estudio Libres, a recording studio in Buenos Aires

Nice work, sir. That’s a serious kit list they have at the studio. I see they have a couple of AKG C414s. Heard good things about them, but… damn they’re expensive.

Would be interested in the write-up of your gulp streamlining setup because:

Stefan Imhoff wrote:

It’s 2014 and we don’t copy our files per drag-and-drop on a server via a FTP program, reload our browser by hitting continuously F5…

Ummmm. Errrrmmmm. Stef gets his coat…

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